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At Mighty Girls, we aim to provide reusable menstrual care kits to girls who do not have access to proper menstrual care. We work with girls in need in villages and townships in South Africa. Our focus lies on a whole body approach, including how to use their Mighty Girls kits, care and keeping of kits, health and hygiene, community awareness, and educational opportunities. We firmly believe if a girl has access to reliable, safe, and healthy menstrual care, she can continue her education and do great things with her life. 


Empowering young girls to break through barriers by providing reusable menstrual care products and helping them learn to manage their menstrual health 


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Each girl receives her very own Mighty Girls Kit that contains everything she needs to safely manage her menstrual cycle. 


Mighty Girls was started because there is a huge need for safe effective menstrual care in underprivileged areas of South Africa.


Partnering with local community leaders is key to forming lasting relationships with the girls and ensuring their continued success.

providing girls in need with reusable menstrual care products.

our mission:

Empowering young lives


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela. Education is vital in making sure these girls succeed in life.