1. Cloth Pads 
2. Washcloths
3. Soap

4. Drying Straps

5. Pad Wrappers

6. Mini Wet Bags

7. Drawstring Bags

8. Girls and Women's Underwear

If you'd have any questions or need help finding patterns, stores to purchase from, or anything else please feel free to reach out.  We'd be happy to help

Thanks for wanting to help girls in poverty have a safe, healthy period.  You can make a difference in a girls life by helping provide them with a menstrual care kit. 

Want to help?

We need your support too!

2. Support

We are currently in need of donations for the following items.

1. Donations

1. Help spread the word 

  • Share on social media
  • with family and friends 
  • even your co-workers

2. Get involved

  • Host a drive for underwear, washcloths, and travel soaps. 
  • Get together with sewing buddies to sew up drawstring bags, pads, or wrappers.
  • Start a fundraiser online or in your community

3. Partner with us

  • send us an email if you are interested in partnering with us
  • connect with us on Facebook or Instagram